Why me?

What inspiration means to me is; I can be inspired to write, to love, to keep trying by one person or many. Not by their lifestyle but who they are and how a person carries themselves. Inspiration.. encourages my confidence you know, lets me know I am doing the right thing or I am on the right path. I am inspired by lady gaga because she is real and honest. She struggles mentality but she hasn’t let it drown her. I am inspired by my mother who went through a tough life but is still smiling, loving and encouraging. I am inspired by my daughter, who always gives the positive side of everything and she yet struggles with reading and writing. she told me the hardest thing for her is trying to show me she can do it because she wants to be just like me.

I cried when she started crying because she just didn’t understand the letter “C”… the letter “C” really? Sherisse that’s gonna make you cry?

Well there is A B and then C and she always gets sooo confused. It may seem so fucking simple to other people but it’s complicated to her. She can count to 20 but she can’t say her abc’s but she can sing it! I do not like seeing my baby struggle especially when it makes her cry and she starts saying “I’m so bad at this.” While there are tears in her eyes and she’s looking at me for help.  I can’t fix this with kisses or hugs and that hurts me because I do not want her to feel she isn’t smart or good enough.

Someone suggested to get her an ipad because there are plenty of alphabet games that can help her understand letters. I am also open to other ideas to help with her alphabets so please send some suggestions

We’ve made big tracible letters from A to Z that we’ve practiced, we made a coloring book that was from A to Z, we have bought her plenty of alphabet workbooks and books in general. I know there are a lot of other things I can do to help but I need some suggestions!




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