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Things you should never say or do to someone who is depressed and ways to help.

1. Never question their life and reasons why they are depressed. Most people will assume one is being selfish and spoiled but that may not be the case.

2. Never ask “what do you want me to do!?” A depressed person wants conversations, attention and something to eat.

3. Never ask if they need space.

4. never tell them what they are doing wrong during these times.

5. Never make assumptions im regards to them, if you have questions. Ask.

6. Its okay to give some space when they need it but depressed people benefit more when you acknowledge them.

7. Interaction with others is a huge help.

8. Sometimes there can be mood disorders that can trigger depression and suicidal thoughts or actions. Learn the symtoms.

9. Be as patient as possible

10. Give them a hug and encouragement.

10. Depression has no schedule or timeline of when it will happen or how long.

There are things that may put a damper on a lot things like a depressed persons attitude. We say things that we dont mean and its not because we want to hurt you.. its a reflection of how we may feel. Which is worthless but thats the thing, when our happiness shines it shines bright so bare with us while we take a detour to happiness.

To the depressed

Days will go on where we feel nothing but emptinesa but hang on tight to knowing it’s not going to last forever. we are going to be happy again.

Xoxo sherisse.

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