Simple things: postpartum.

Your knight and shining armor is here….. For new moms, at least… Speaking from experience.

Because so many women have said “every baby and Mom is different, every women handles birth differently, every women handles being a new mom differently and every women mothers differently.”

So i thought, things like who can understand breastfeeding like me? Probably no one.

but when i expressed my concerns and complaints about breastfeeding to my mom, doctor and BFF. We all felt the same, the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding are painful… The first few days are actually the hardest.

Things like plugged milk duct causing low milk flow and engorgement. Ugh PAINFUL!

You really have to dedicate yourself if you want to breastfeed.. like some, it can be difficult but it doesn’t make you less of a mommy formula feeding either.

I’m going to give you some advice on how to survive those first 2 weeks. With all 3 of my babies I suffered (in the exact same spot) a plugged milk duct, had gotten thrush and we past it back and fourth for at least 2 months. I made it through the first 2weeks and its been 6weeks!

Firstly i have to tell you, you need a mommy survival kit and everything you need in the kit will make things easier.

Bedside table. Hold your water, pacifier, breast pump, cellphone, bottles and anything that can’t go into your mommy box.

Your mommy box includes..

Pampers, baby wipes, breastpads, heating pad because postpartum is painfully uncomfortable and heat/cold therapy will be your best friend…

Lansinoh, nipple cream and breast heat/cold therapy both purchased at walmart for less then 20bucks. I used Medela’s breastfeeding guide and Pinterest to get unique remedies for breastfeeding. The lansinoh breast hot/cold therapy can be placed in the microwave or freezer and they’ve been a life savior! Especially for those plugged milk ducts.

A Breastfeeding pillow will make breastfeeding more comfortable.

a changing pad, so there are minimal bed accidents because damn dont need another mess while taking care of a newborn.

A bedside garbage! May sound gross but as long as you change the garbage each morning and add a plastic bag so it can be tied up and thrown out the next day. It works great for me and just so your aware, it’s not placed right next to my bed but close enough so i can dunk the diapers like i am a professional MBA star… In the middle of the night.

Having a co-sleeper or a bassinet makes things easier especially because we wake every 2 hours to feed, change and burp our babies; it can be tiring but all these things helped me get through the 6 weeks.

Plugged milk ducts.. Everytime I showered, i ran my breast under hot water while massaging with a bunched up cloth until it was clear. Using your hands is good but it’s better with a bunched up cloth because you can collect hot water in the cloth…. You get what I mean?

Congratulations to you on your new bundle of joy!

Duty calls, well… Baby calls! 😁🖤💗

Xoxo, sherisse

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