A bit of my day.

During the week.

I wake up at 8am and get my 2 oldest to get ready. Get dress, eat and brush their teeth.

We pray before they leave the house and then anywhere between 8 and 9am william wakes. Lucky Days he will sleep til 10am and most times he isn’t ever grumpy.

By 9 am after the kids are gone, i make William his eggs and give him his cuppy of water. He likes these cereal star things and mum, mums so he’ll sit in his high chair for about an hour watching backyardigans.

By 10 he is ready to burn those calories so he Will crawl all over the place and i gotta follow right behind making sure he don’t pick up little things he can choke on.(i sweep at least 4 times a day but even still, he’ll find those little things, they always do!)

He will usually end back in the living room glued to the tv because backyardigans is his favorite. I tried introducing him to different sing along shows similar backyardigans but he refuses and will protest until backyardigans is on.

William wants his bottle by 1pm and goes down for a 2 and a hour nap. Sometimes 3 hours.. if its 3 hours he won’t need another nap but if hes anywhere less then 2 and a half hours he’ll need another hour nap later on or he will get grumpy.

William is a happy chapper and him being miserable is different. He doesn’t cry for long periods of time and doesn’t cry when its naptime or bed time. He was slightly colic when he was a baby and he would cry for 3 hours before bedtime. That ended when he turned about 4 months and things went so smoothly after that.

While williams asleep, i clean and play my guitar and continue with my projects.. and all the weird things in my home. Lol

My kids get home from school, Williams awake and they take william to play with him for hours. They love their baby brother and are so fascinated with his development and growth. William supper, he usually gets crushed fruits and mash potato’s.

Williams in bed by 8 or 830pm. Me and my oldest play a game we call “letters before bed.” Flash card with alphabets… Kids brush their hair and teeth and are in bed by 9.

My freedom starts then and I’m usually in bed by 12… I sometimes write and don’t finish it because im a mother of 3 and children need so much attention. I dont mind the attention they want or the fact they are my tails and have a million questions. I enjoy their company because sooner or later they want their own space and time.

Everything I do, i think about them first and how it would impact their future.. my days aren’t about me and my hands being free. Its about always having them full and not complaining about it. God can say… Come home now my child. And i can’t change his mind no matter how much i pray so i do my mothering job with pride and determination and affection, without the “need a break”

That does not mean people who lost a child didn’t have that love or give enough so god took them home, No! my dear family layed to rest a beautiful baby girl and her mother took such good care of her. I see her loneliness for her baby and the love she has for her children. i see this women take care of her children with no complaints and i used to say all the time i needed a break but her.. she did what she had to and had no excuses. So i promised, i wouldn’t complain about being a busy mom.

So i would love to hear about mommy days and the things you do at home being a mommy?

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