A journey.

I’ve never been good at anything but I’m great at being a mom.

I love them, care for them, talk to them, clean them, feed them.. my husband takes care of everything else. Like bills and bring home the chedder; Just like everyone else(not all but some) but then i feel like maybe I’m good at loving my children but if my husband left us, How would we live?

Can i give them as much as he can?

So now I’m not trying to be hard on myself about it but I’m going to be hard on myself anyway. I can’t live in this world and do nothing. I mean, i am there for my kids each and every step of the way but i need to be more.

I need to establish myself so I don’t have to worry about, unplanned situations and not knowing how I’m going to live

Being a mom is the scariest, hardest job… Ever and i love every moment of it.

It all begins and the days never stop, so lets begin a journey of unknowns.

We’ll figure it out as we go.. for right now my newborn is hungry.

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