A lesson in life.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize having a relationship isn’t easy.

You have siblings? You faught… A lot! You argue with your mother? Father? Cousin? Yeah it happens to everyone. Anyone can relate to the arguments with family members and friends. Sometimes people get “childish” and deserve a slap but damn, can you not complain about it; as if it never ever happens.

It does and it will! Again and again and again.

Same thing with your hunny! You’ll disagree on plently of things and you’ll probably scream at each other once or twice maybe even throw a brush or shoe… and Most likely you’ll miss but point being, normally everyone argues.

Stay humble and kind despite those agonizing arguments. Maybe you both can agree to disagree and move on instead of dragging it out for days or weeks later. Updating your status complaining about someone is pointless unless you tag them in your post but why even be any kind of vindictive at all? Why not just keep it between you and her/ him?

I have this question for you.. and ill share with you; my own answer.

You have a friend and you become very close to each other, you tell each other secrets but you get into an emotionally heavy argument and the anger builds up inside of you and its revenge. You decide to tell everyone about the “stuff” they told you because you’re just so mad and maybe it’ll make you feel like a better person. Maybe its a war of words between both.. why do people do this?

My answer is immaturity. What does that mean to me? I believe its not about “childish” toys.. it’s having situations happen and building a stone wall with only one window in it for you to see out of. One perspective and only one care and no growth within those walls. So it’s a defense move so they can break away from emotional pain because a lot of people think emotional pain is the worse ever so lashing will counter act those feelings of hurt into anger and anger is better then feeling hurt, right? Don’t do that…. Its a horrible thing to do.

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