Getting to know me

 warning.. i am very sarcastic and make stupid jokes often, just go with it… also i may occasionally screw up my wordings because i can be a bit of a nerd… dont be a asshole. 


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to parents Darcy and Marie. i have 9 siblings and now you know i am apart of a huge family. i have nieces and nephews so i can create an army, don’t get me angry! 😛

my heritage, culture, my upbringing and my family i am proud of where i come from and who i am. i suffer with depression for many years and i made it a goal of mine to journey through understanding depression. i wanted to share with all of you; my journey through my happiest moments to my darkest moments with my mental health. i am searching for happiness but its not like i know there aren’t going to be down moments, i’ve had plenty of those. Throughout the years ive moved around and haven’t ever been exactly happy with my surroundings; after the first time getting diagnosed with depression and getting medication and everything started to go wrong. i gained weight, i needed blood pressure pills and i had to keep changing my birth control pills and that changed my weight yet again. After i gained 40lbs, my hormones are out of wack and it was all my fault, my medication got increased because my depression got worse…. I went through everything over the years and decided to take a different direction, i’ll skip scary details but that started me on a journey through hell, happiness and life.

why not share what i know?

getting creative with make-up and knowing plenty about it. it started out as a hobby, while stuck at home and it became a huge depression cure for me. i started out in drugstores like shoppers and london. i had a low budget for makeup but actually you can get less expensive products that are great dups of high priced brands. So yes make up is a huge passion of mine and i hope you enjoy what i have to show you.

I love photography and videography. I dont exactly know why i have a hidden passion for photography and videography but i found a way this to help with my depression. i will walk, drive or build to find a great place to take a photo or film a short video. i found it helps getting out there and setting a goal for something to do, even if it’s as “simple” as edited a video or photo for your next facebook cover photo or backround for a great quote you thought of at the top of your head.

writing…. oh what can i say that hasn’t already expressed my love for writing and for reading. this is where i shine the most, i feel most confident writing. i have created plenty of short stories, fiction and some real life depression stories. fiction stories are usually dark, scary and completely out of this world but in a writer’s mind, anything and i mean anything is possible.

music… i feel sexy playing guitar and creating music. it builds my confidence yet i become so insecure when i want to show it off. i have a dream to release a few songs and do it all before i turn 30. eeeeekkkk! the hopes i have for my music is to give encouragement and make other feel empowered; the way it makes me feel.

fashion? well i have a unique style, which mainly consists of black.. why do i like black? i really find black to be a beautiful color but black is not my favorite color. I started getting into this “faze” where wearing black and adding skulls to my wardrobe when i was 15 years old and when i was given permission to wear make-up; it was all black everything. i have a strict mom but i respect her and i wanted to make my mom happy all the time so of course i listened to her… she might have been scary also when i was younger but thats in the past.. well i also had a rebelling faze but i never felt great doing it. People call me Gothic, punk, emo, you name it.. honesty i never seen myself as anything but a human with my own sense of style. i’d rather not spend fortunes on clothes or high priced fashion for any reasons.. i mean hey ill take a guess purse if its on sale and reasonable price. so my closet may be filling up i can’t keep everything forever.


i hope you get it.. get me just a little but i hope you enjoy my world and my blogs.