Getting to know me

warning.. i am very sarcastic and make stupid jokes often, just go with it… also i may occasionally screw up my wordings because i can be a bit of a nerd… dont be a asshole.


Date of birth : july 10

Place of birth : a hospital bed

MB, canada.

Occupation : blogger / dreamer / boss lady / I’m right your wrong / occasional chef / full – time mom / occasional dancer / talking

my heritage, culture, my upbringing and my family, i am proud of where i come from and who i am.

I struggle with depression and i mean sometimes depression makes me sad or angry. Sometimes depression has more power over me than i feel like i do… But time goes on and i realize, lets keep trying to be happy, lets cry when we need to but lets not stay there. Lets listen to suggestions and try those suggestions. Lets smile, laugh and feed our bodies goodness. Lets go exercise and give motivation. Lets give compliments and encouragement. Depression… It depends on how you feel about it, it can be hell or it can be heavenly, its your choice. It can be hard but it’ll make you stronger.

i wanted to share with all of you; my journey through my happiest moments to my darkest moments with my mental health. i am searching for happiness but i am not naive, I am going have down moments… i’ve had plenty of those but life goes on. Throughout the years ive moved around and haven’t been exactly happy with my surroundings; meaning i decided to become sober. April 16 2012…

Nearly seven years without a drop of alcohol or abusing pills… i enjoy it this way. I started smoking pot when i was 25 and its been my sleeping med since. I do believe i have an addictionality, because i was prescribed pills for panic attacks and i abused those so i had to stay Away from that.. i was introduced to gambling and i went over board so i stay away from that. I started smoking cigarettes when i was 16 and finally gripped my quit after 11 years.

why not share what i know?

getting creative with make-up and knowing plenty about it. it started out as a hobby, while stuck at home and it became a huge depression cure for me. i started out in drugstores like shoppers and london. i had a low budget for makeup but actually you can get less expensive products that are great dups of high priced brands. So yes make up is a huge passion of mine and i hope you enjoy what i have to show you.

I love photography and videography. I dont exactly know why i have a hidden passion for photography and videography but i found a way this to help with my depression. i will walk, drive or build to find a great place to take a photo or film a short video. i found it helps getting out there and setting a goal for something to do, even if it’s as “simple” as edited a video or photo for your next facebook cover photo or backround for a great quote you thought of at the top of your head.

writing…. oh what can i say that hasn’t already expressed my love for writing and for reading. this is where i shine the most, i feel most confident writing. i have created plenty of short stories, fiction and some real life depression stories. fiction stories are usually dark, scary and completely out of this world but in a writer’s mind, anything and i mean anything is possible.

music… i feel sexy playing guitar and creating music. it builds my confidence yet i become so insecure when i want to show it off. i have a dream to release a few songs and do it all before i turn 30. I just have to get my foot into the door.


I wear black.. black is a beautiful color but it’s not my favorite. Skulls and spooky things are pretty to me and i enjoy my wardrobe being black. I’ve been labeled emo or goth in first impression but in all reality i am a human who likes the color black.

when i was 15 years old and when i was given permission to wear make-up; it was all black everything. My mom was a little worried about me but eventually she was like “she may be whatever she wants.” And is my biggest supporter.

I am turning my home into a beautiful spooky gothic home paradise.. all creepy crawly monsters are welcome!!!! its a slow process because everything is custom made by Kyle Hayden but don’t worry I’ll throw a viewing party when it’s completed.