And here we go.

I have started my new blog and its completely fresh. My old blog is actually still activated which I will be bringing into this one later on.

I have officially signed my 3 year contract and now I gotta start the blogging process with my own personal insight and thoughts on which ever subject I choose but this is not only going to be for me. I want all of your opinions and suggestions so send me your emails and share share share! Eventually I will start some video blogging but the main question that I got asked was, “why I choose blogging?”. I chose blogging because I love writing and I have a lot of opinions and thoughts that I can’t really express verbally. I studder and stumble to get my point across and writing as always been my greatest talent. Although I am a chatter box writing is a huge passion of mine and its where I shine most. The reason I didn’t start video blogging is the simple fact I love writing. Writing you gotta have a lot of patience and determination to actually finish what is started and it can be challenging for me but writing makes me feel confident!

With my 3 year contract I have to make sure I keep my blog updated with new and exciting subjects. I am no journalist so I will not be “reporting” live or running a story but I can touch base with stories and express my opinions but like I said I would love to hear YOUR opinions and I just may include YOU in my blog!

I am going to now explain the “pages” part of my website/blog site. So there are many things that I love, like make up and hair although I will not be doing tutorials but I will give you some pointers on hair styles and tips on make up. Things like what product is worth your money, what products are cheap but too cheap, some mishaps and successes with make up because lets face it sometimes we attempt the cutest look but doesn’t turn out cute. AND also tips on the right hair color, styles and products!!! most importantly what I find to be a disaster of hair and what not to do with your hair. That’s basically it for the “beauty parlor” page.

The short stories segments are to give my reviews on my favorite books and authors but also I will be releasing some of my very own stories! So I am very excited to show you that side of me and to really show you my writing talent! Everything will be copy written so anyone who tries to steal my story may just get into some serious trouble. so dont even bother!!

The weekly reviews page is to showcase and promote local artists or not so mainstream bands or singers. Not only with music but with athletes, events, inspirational people, motivational speakers, painters, writers and even magicians!! Not just people in Manitoba or Canada, but everywhere and anywhere. It will be my personal insight but I would love to hear your opinions on whatever subject arises!

The all about me page is very self explanatory. Which isn’t completed since I am not dead but at least it gives you a little bit of where I am from and what I have been through and who I am. More pages will be added as time goes on but for now here is my first blog on my very own website and I am extremely thankful for this!!! I hope you are excited for more blogs and everything that is going to take place within my website! I cant wait to actually get started!!!!


Xoxo Sherisse.


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