Faith and time work together

i have heard plenty of “no’s” and hardly little “yes’s” but even if i hear that no, i do not give up on me because i am important; i am a mother and i have more responsibly than you may know. If i feel unworthy and miserable, my children will feel it too and it can have this terrible affect on everyone. rejections at the beginning were very hard on me and my self esteem. After a few years of getting it, one thing turned into different things that became experiences. i started realizing and understanding really how i wanted my children to act when they get rejected.

if one door closes another one will open. if one door closes that i wanted to walk through i will try again later because faith said “i need more time.” that doesn’t mean sit on your ass and wait for job opportunities to come knocking at your door either.

Dont get miserable over not getting that job or that approval because maybe 5 years from now, there will be a bigger better deal AND maybe before you get that bigger better deal you gotta get burned a few times to gain knowledge and experience to master your art.

Our children are our future and we as parents have to lead by example. Get up, dust off your clothes and show your child, that rejection is not the worse thing to ever happen. i believe that everything that happens happens for a reason regardless of how crappy a situation is. faith and time work well together because faith always gives you the time you need that you may not know you need. smile at the opportunities that you have gotten and enjoy the rejections. enjoy the miserable moments because you are building your shield, your protection, your future.

trust in faith and trust in time. if it didn’t work no matter how hard you felt you tried. REMEMBER.. BIGGER BETTER DEAL.

xoxo sherisse

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