I allow my boyfriend to cheat and you wanna know why?

This post is not political at all but for the most past it’s a game as well as a inspirational blog.

i want to talk to you, men and women about something serious. What makes you feel insecure? please explain to me. i recently had a conversation with a friend who was telling about how she felt her boyfriend was cheating on her. i asked her a series of questions but the one that question that i asked and the response that really hit me.

What makes you feel that he is cheating?

her response was “because he locked his phone and won’t let me on his facebook messages.” ¬†but eventually she went through his phone and found nothing but casual conversations with his mom, friends and cousins but saw that some of his friends were bashing her. which stated it was not the first time she accused him of cheating.

I’m going to tell you gals and guys something that you probably need to hear. LET THEM CHEAT! why? omg thats crazy!! why would i say that!!? i’m not saying to give him a hall pass but you snooping and accusing your man or women of cheating is just making you go crazy and look insecure and that is not sexy.

if he or she cheated, whose fault is it? IT’S YOUR PARTNERS and it’s not for you to fix. they opened that door and welcomed them in with open arms so why are you so crazy about it? some men and women dont respect the essence of a relationship and will actually try to get with your partner but your partner is the one who needs to say “back the fuck off i have a partner!” NOT YOU! some will actually bash the person that the partner was messing with like really? how exactly is that gonna wipe away your partners sins? things like this are what make people insecure but here is something you need to hear and really take into consideration.

When a person betrays your trust and breaks your heart. it’s okay to feel hurt, angry and cry. hell BREAK some shit i dont care just get all that frustration out. now the hard part is letting go of the pain they caused you to feel but DON’T GIVE WHO BROKE YOUR HEART THE POWER OVER YOUR LIFE. which in other words means dont close your heart out to love because if you do, the next one that comes along is gonna pay the price for what your ex did to you and your doomed for failure over and over again because some dont actually put up with that kind of stuff. all in all your ex has control over your future if youre still comparing them to others or believe that “everyone is the same.” love is something that is extremely powerful and can heal and change the world if you really understood what love is. i believe there is a mass majority of people that dont actually understand love. example “my son said to me, i love you mommy but i love my toy cars more.” and he gave me a hug and a kiss and said “i’ll be right here mommy.” see so my son doesn’t exactly doesnt understand the word but he feels it more so.

anyways your clue is in my blog, i gotta go but i will continue this later!

xoxo sherisse

please share your thoughts and im getting cut off!!!


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