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Avril Lavigne

my influences page is where i will post and promote a person.. A PERSON! doesn't matter their job title but i will choose someone based on their influence. i am open to suggestions so if you know someone who has a "bigger wow" (avril lavigne) please feel free to email me or send me a message on anyone of my social media platforms.. 

Ive been an avril lavigne fan since i was 12 years old and i am 28 now… yeah i decided a lifetime dedication to my bestfriend avril lavigne.. LOL

This is so avril.. if you know avril lavigne and all of her albums she experiments with different sounds but she some how manages to make it all sound like “avril lavigne” . i love the entire album but one of the songs im soooo obsessed with is “birdie”. the album is for surely a more mellow album, the normal rocker songs aren’t included that she usually includes in her albums but the sound is unbelievable. There is for surely more piano ballets and violins , something that is new… yes she includes piano in most of her albums but this album is more grown up and calm. almost like she is helping others feel “safe and warm”.

i have been listening to avril lavigne since i was 12 and ive only been to one of her concerts. i loved dressing like her and in all honestly i wanted to be her. i wanted her voice, i wanted to be at her concerts and i wanted to be her friend. from what i could afford i collected avril lavigne albums and posters from magazines and bracelets. i have to say this.. she is kept her self respect and hasn’t been in terrible trouble in her career and i believe she is a wonderful influence.

birdie by avril lavigne


01 Head Above Water3:41

02 Birdie 3:35

03 – I Fell In Love With The Devil

04- Tell Me It’s Over 3:09

05- Dumb Blonde 3:35

06- It Was In Me 3:43

07- Souvenir 2:58

08- Crush 3:34

09- Goddess 3:411

10- Bigger Wow 2:55

11- 1Love Me Insane3:011

12- Warrior 3:46