mental health awareness

mental health is not taken as serious as it should.

i have been studying psychology for a approximately 2 years and i am only starting to really understand my condition.

i am on medication to help my depression which is genetic disorder, which means it was passed on to me through my mother. so i am chemically imbalanced and my medication replaces the missing “happy hormone” which is a huge contributor to your happiness. some say happiness comes from within and that is true on 2 levels.. sometimes when a mother is pregnant and lacking some kind of chemical in her body our bodies sometimes can’t re-create the chemicals we need. i say sometimes because i know a few people with a parent that suffers with depression and has bouts of depression but usually overcomes it without the help of medication and sometimes they get the different jean which is the father so its not always 100% change of depression or some different kind of mental health issue unless of course both parents suffer from mental health issues then the chances are 100% that the child will be effected with some sort of mental health issues. second level of happiness means, that some dont have chemical imbalances and have one of those days where it’s just not working but quickly overcome it. once you feel great on the inside everything will feel amazing all around you but being happy can take a lot of work. so you really gotta pay attention to your body.

spotting it sooner rather than later is best but it’s always better late than never. if you catch my drift.

when you are depressed your body lack serotonin which considered the happy hormone. the way to spot if your body is suddenly lacking happy hormone is to remember how long you were feel extremely sad which can be for days some days better than most and if you had any thoughts of suicide or harming yourself and others. if you dont have a reason why you’re sad or dont understand why you feel “lazy.” then perhaps its time to try out some new things. i alway recommend eating more eggs and omega 3, getting more face-time for an example, visiting with friends and family, and more exercise. walking 30 mins a day can really help release a chemical called endorphins and endorphins help boost the self-esteem so that means you’ll have a lot more confidence but you just gotta get up and try your damn hardest. if any of these aren’t working, medication because your safety and life is important to me.

do not hesitate to ask for help.

xoxo sherisse



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