new years… resolution


5 years ago i made a resolution that i kept to myself and i can honestly say i am almost finished.

i promised to take care of my soul.

  • counselling
  • hitting up the gym and (for confidence and i didn’t schedule my gym visits i just went.) i did not weight myself.
  • changing my eating habits
  • go for more walks
  • help the environment by recycling and becoming green
  • gaining my independence financially

there was a lot of other things i promised but these are important to me. counselling was a big thing for me because i really opened up about my traumatizing past. i felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and i felt great. the reason i didn’t schedule my gym visits was because i dont do well with schedules. (im stubborn that way) i built muscle and felt great because it was all on my own terms. i eat a low carb diet, hardly eat anything with flour or yeast. if anyone comes over, they will quickly notice i hardly ever have bread and the flour has been sitting in the same place. you will also notice i have a lot of chicken and hardly any snackys. although i love keeping junk food for my guests so they can help themselves. Going for walks helped me organize my thoughts and feelings. i have trouble expressing myself openly with my voice and walking helped me put my thoughts into sentences and have better communication with everyone so i enjoy talking.

i recycle and it has taken so much “garbage” away from my house. usually its like garbage bag ever other day and now its like garbage bag twice a week. i have sold my recycling to a few companies who pay cash for your recycling and they personally take it to a place where it is being used for recycled paper, juice jugs, and reused foil and some other i just can’t remember. they charge 40 dollar for pick up and 40 to buy my recycling which was A LOT. this coming year we are going to start gardening and finding more things that help the environment. i also made a compost last year and i mixed it with dirt and leftover food. ¬†farmers will actually buy that off you.. although i just gave it away but its great for gardening. mold is bad for our bodies but it’s good for mother earth.

Being able to pay gas, vehicle and bills makes me feel so much more stronger and proud because let’s be honest, i was well taken care of because i am the youngest of 8 siblings. i have 2 younger brothers but they reside with my daddy. I dont have to depend on anyone anymore i know i can make it in this world. before i was like i can’t live on my own, i don’t have money, what do i do! those struggles were most definitely appreciated. After i felt strong enough to be emotionally independent, i knew it was time to start financially. it didn’t take a year to a few months it took nearly 4 years. it was hard, i cried and felt like quitting plenty of times and honestly i am not exactly there yet and i know there is going to be a lot more meltdowns but i’m not ashamed to say “i need help.”

make realistic goals and don’t expect to have them done over night. i mean weight loss? pretend it’s not, tell yourself to go to the gym or workout once a week, it will turn into 2 than 3 than 4. you’ll learn to hate and love it but honestly i never loved it. honestly i still don’t like working out even though i do 3 times a week at home or in the gym. it’s not my favorite place. (the gym)

this year for me is Going to be the BIG one for not only me but for a lot of people. 2016 can agree it was a hard year not only for me but for everyone. this year we ( i say we because you are not alone in these struggles.) lost our loved ones and many people were laid to rest this year with unfortunate attacks and hate. we had break ups and job losses. it was just a trying and testing year but we made it here and you should be proud. take this year and be grateful and all the lesson learnt carry them with you.

i made little resolutions that were easy like.. go bike riding, go skating, go sliding, go fishing, go camping and spend a weekend by a lake with my girls. i still have 4 days to try!!! lol

tell me yours.

xoxo sherisse

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