recognising the signs!!

It’s important you understand yourself, physically and mentally as well as spiritually. i dont always believe in science and what doctors say, i believe what my spirit tells me. Sometimes i get these feelings and know when something isn’t right or when something is right….

Example… kyle and i went to the casino and he wanted to play roulette. he picked 30 and put a nice bet down… i thought to myself “well i would have picked 29 because it always wins on keno..”  29 hit… and then i said heeeyyy i was just thinking!!! well turns out he didn’t think that was as funny as i thought it was because he was pretty vocal about it… anyway i went to play some other bullshit machine and he went to try roulette on a different table…. and i thought to myself “well i hope he picks 29.” he comes back and tells me he put a nice bet down on 28…. 29 hit yet again and i said HEYYYY I WAS JUST THINKING!… well… he was pretty upset with me at that point because i laughed… well honestly that was pretty funny, and my theory is “It wasn’t meant to be.” hahahahaha

moral of this story.

listen to yourself.




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