I have been sick….

My gull bladder needs to be removed. It’s been giving me such a hard time, So I’ve had to change my diet completely..

Normally i would stick to a red meats, less carbs diet because it helped with my anemia. Now i am getting grilled chicken for protein, vegetable soups, wraps, grain bread and salads. No pork, no red meats, no sugary sweets or drinks.

After 3 weeks or so i have adjusted to this new change and actually I’m still adjusting but its sitting better then it has, the last week or so. The hardest part was the choices i had to make.. the healthy ones.. instead of chocolate bar, i picked rice cakes.. instead of Pepsi i picked water and poweraid.. instead of a poutine i picked chicken, lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad with ranch dressing. Instead of bored snacking i cleaned my bedroom… Instead of snacking i grabbed water, a v8 and did a little dance.

For breakfast, its one piece of whole grain bread, one boiled egg and small cup of coffee with teaspoon of sugar and 2% milk…or oatmeal, toast and coffee.

Lunch.. somewhere between a wrap or salad. Salads can include lettuce, tomatoes, almonds, celery, cucumbers, carrots, apple slices, berries, kale, spinach, oranges and chicken… They aren’t always together but yes you can add fruits to your salads.. there are many different types of salad dressings to fit your liking as well.

In between, i usually snack on fruits or rice cakes or carrots and dip…. oh and whole grain chips.. i make sure i keep up with my fluid intake. Lots of water and sparkling water!! Lovesss it, helps with the Pepsi cravings.

Supper… For me its usually soups, cream soups and fruits. With sweet tea… I cook my kids separately because their likes aren’t my likes but they do enjoy my soups and salads.

I will not be taking any risks with deep fried foods or super fatty foods but of course a few months after my gull bladder is taken out and i have adjusted to that, i am going to enjoy a big plate of spaghetti 🖤

Despite being nauseous, i still manage to get a work out in, even if it’s only twenty minutes. I do not quit… Even if i feel depressed. No excuses, only results…. Realize your only as done as you allow yourself to be.. take care of your body people.. i do not want you to feel what I’ve felt.

Xoxo sherisse

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