Spring journey to summer.

I will clarify that i am not a nutritionist. This is my personal meal plan and advice from my doctor.

Mornings i usually eat oatmeal with fruits and toast or protein cereal or a fruit smoothie or a breakfast burrito that contains, eggs, turkey bacon or ground turkey, cheese, red peppers and green peppers. Some days I’ll share my cheat days

Lunches. I usually settle with a rice, chicken, lettuce, tomato wrap or a turkey sandwich, or soup, or turkey patty.

Supper.. always so unpredictable. I try make something for the whole family and always include salads, or veggies. I try to stay away from ground beef and super processed foods that you get out of the boxes. I enjoy turkey, chicken, roasts, beef chunks for stews, or steaks. Veggies or wild rice or potatoes as a side dish. Sometimes ill have veggies and potatoes and I don’t regret it.

Snacks, I pick fruits and rice cakes… Desserts aren’t an issue for me because i don’t really care for desserts or eat them.

I for surely love keeping a fridge full of drinks, power drinks and juices (kids love juices) I have sugar in my coffee but other than that i try not to indulge in sweets. I eat 500 more calories because i am breastfeeding and because i am breastfeeding i am very careful about what I’m eating. So things can get quite complicated with foods. I have to also be very careful about eating citrus fruits, broccoli, cabbage and lettus because my little guy is slightly colic and foods like that can cause gas.

I am not a huge fan of bread either and i have a favorite food which i will not share because no one needs to know 😛

My favorite thing to do is eat and cook so your aware you don’t get in-between us and we’ll be fine. i eat more red meats because im anemic and I’m not a fan of seafoods or pork.

Now the next thing. We are talking about eating habits. During the warm season, we garden our foods and plan to make it bigger each year. Eating clean is important for our bodies and our minds and our souls. Eating Healthy foods can help with depression and the nutrition in clean eating can replace what your body may be missing. I urge you to really research and know your food and not only that, get to know your body!!!

Anyway i hope this can give you some motivation on choosing a healthier lifestyle. I will post pictures and such when i have both hands free

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