still here.

To all the people effected by the hockey game incident.

I know the fear of a “random” shooting is something that a lot of people are making fun of because all this time it wasn’t a “REAL” gun.

School shootings, a theater shooting, a mall shooting, a concert shooting and all this news is awful. the greatest fear and the hardest loss in the world is losing your child. If any parent at one moment lost their child for even a minute, the guilty feeling, while we are relieved to see their face and hold their hands again, the feeling is still there although, we act like it’s not. Moms are the biggest critic to themselves especially when it comes to our own offspring.

At that moment of hearing “gun everyone run.”

No one in this world is trained to handle this kind of situation and really know how to deal with this because we are ordinary people in a fucked-up world. Of course, unless you’re a police officer or a detective or a highly-trained gun safety officer or something…but you catch my drift.


I want you to only think about the fact that EVERYONE is safe and no one was hurt.

I want you to only think about how proud you are of the boys for making it that far.

I want you to only think about the good memories and laughter

I want you to tell your children you love them and thank god for watching over all of you that day.

I want you to tell your partner to teach your children respect and dignity as you do the same.

I want you to tell yourself “I am still here with my family and I will not let this negative fear me into living life.”

I want you to turn this situation into something positive because the devil gave a standing ovation when everyone left screaming and clapped when everyone laughed and grew every time you felt fear thinking of that moment.

I want everyone to teach the dignity of losing and respect in winning and the encourage of jumping.


Smile because you are here today and think about all those who lost love ones in random shootings.

For they had to come home to the present of their loss without their present in arms.

For they had to clean up a house with a soul that already left but left everything even their empty scent.


“LOVE is the one powerful feeling that can change the world if enough people shared it.”



Xoxo sherisse

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