the reality of love.

the beginning of all relationships are probably the fairy tale feelings. Those don’t last forever because the reality of this love is hard. A life together can be a million different things and a million different problems but communication, honestly, trust and two very compatible people.

maturity does play a huge part in all relationships. for example..

a couple are arguing over a smart t.v and the different prices. women’s argument is to save for a bigger TV but the man wants to get a t.v that’s not exactly what they both wanted. the television is 42 inches and 300.00$ under the budget but the TV they both wanted was 55 inches 1,800 over budget of 300.00 the only difference was price and size. The women would rather wait while the man would rather just buy it.

in all honestly, i have a hard time being patient so waiting would be difficult for me. i would have to agree with waiting to get something you really wanted instead of settling.

settling? omg! ladies and gents, do not settle.


OKAY FUCK, i would just buy it..

anyway. here is love summed up into a small sentence that is easy to understand.

you first meet, its the greatest love and the best sex. than its seriousness of wanting to live with each other which is excited until you get your first bill. Then you think about the rent and the food but what about going out? not really an option. then you have kids and the arguments aren’t about who is sleeping over or my mom doesn’t like you. its money, children, cleaning and work. I think about the little disagreements and i think “well those were so easy and gentle” now we yell at each other and our lawyer writes out our house rules because honestly that’s what your relationship will turn into. lol

reality… finding your love is incredible but kids and parents need to STOP being so fucking selfish and lazy! PARENTS; If your sons or daughters start dating, that’s when you get up and ask them “are you having sex?” and then make an appointment for the ladies to get their pap smears because its important to take care of your vagina if you want to use it for sex. talk to your boys about sex, rape and buy those condoms because a lot of times boys are told to “figure” it out on their own. A man’s sex drive is higher and stronger than a women’s. the urges can be difficult for a boy to control. I for one expect my sons dad to talk to him about sex and masturbation which sounds funny from the fact that we all tease it but did you know that boys tend to get curious around the age 9 to 15 and is reported that 65% of young males admitted to touching a girl inappropriately. It was also reported that most males “figured” it out by watching porn or listening to friends at young ages because the parents don’t talk about it. ITS EXTREMELY important to talk to your boys about EVERYTHING including the most uncomfortable topic.

I would support my child if she got pregnant at age 16 but honestly her man better at least have a car, i will not drive anyone to a prenatal appointment. i will buy a gift but nothing more..i will help them out of course but not my kid, not my responsibility.

i cook i clean i do my laundry and i want him to stay the fuck out of my way because most likely he wont do it right anyway, burn an argument before it happens. anyway.. i am going to cut this off because i want more opinions!!!

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