Those amazing thoughts so tell me what are you thinking?

i had so many ideas and thoughts that i wanted to share, so i shared them with my producer and he said “no keep those to yourself someone will steal your ideas.”

so you know when you have the urge to say something but you either can’t or shouldn’t? whether it’s good or bad?

i am going to tell you a few things about myself and i want you to tell me the same but lets keep it positive. this is to help build friendships and understanding as well confidence. so here we go!

first and foremost, the one thing you should know about me is that i am very talkative and outgoing.

second, i don’t like listening to judgment of others by sinners. meaning everyone has a past

third, i compliment a lot not because i’m a kiss ass but if i really really like something i ain’t gonna let it go that maybe one day they’ll think of me when they decide they dont want it anymore… no just kidding but it’s what my daughter taught me she said “if you like something why not say it, the other people will feel good about themselves.” than someone asks me if i dont like something, i will keep that to myself but its usually with hair.

fourth, this is something that creeps everyone out and i dont understand why but when i talk to someone i stare “directly into their soul” apparently. i honestly wouldn’t have even noticed obviously. they say “i dont like your stare it’s creepy. it’s like you are looking into my soul and seeing my darkside.” but like this ain’t star wars so remember this.

fifth and sixth, i joke around alot and i am very sarcastic but i am very polite and respectful. i am fully aware i look angry, grumpy and all things unholy but i swear i will not bite you…. or steal your boyfriend… ever…… again.. joking!! i don’t like used equipment. 😛 haha

so tell me 6 important THINGS about yourself, in the comment box or message me and i will add your story! i will also review you and tell you what i think of you as the young ones would say “TBH”. i can share with permission so let’s try this out!


2 Replies to “Those amazing thoughts so tell me what are you thinking?”

  1. 6 things that I like about myself is…I loved raising my kids without any help from a man.
    Although it was hard but my kids came first..I sacrificed for them and future..
    Secondly..I can talk freely to people..which makes me a people person..I can adapt myself to any level if authority..boss wise..and I can be a lenient boss.
    I am very compassionate..I have been through the most difficult challenges in life and still face it..but i understand and I will not judge..only encourage ..
    I could say more..but i gotta go now..till next time..have a good day..

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