When you got this feeling.

researching to find my happiness…

sounds like a sad thing to do but in reality happiness can come naturally to someone and not much so to others (yes there are a lot people like me that struggle with depression.) especially when your hormone levels are out of wack. It could mean issues with b12 vitamin, issues with your thyroid and the most common issue is trauma. Depression isn’t ALWAYS trauma but for the most part it can be cured.

I want all of you reading this to give suggestions on the cure. i want to know what you do when you feel sad and if you don’t know what to do i am going to tell you what i do.

i heard that mustard plants are a great source of serotonin so go run through a mustard field!!! or a field of mustard which ever you choose. invest in a mustard plant and research other flowers and plants that may help with depression. When i do feel sad i try to interact with others face to face because we release happy hormones. laugh as many times as possible even if you feel embarrassed as shit. laughing is my favorite thing ever so i will try my hardest to find something funny.

your self help… if it has anything to do with self harm please try to take yourself away from self harm because doing things like this to your body will make you feel very insecure later on in life. There are people out there in this world that will question why you did this and if you walk away they will tell you, “it must not be that bad.”

a lady asked me why i did this and i walked away and she said “easier it is to talk about the less horrible it sounds to you and that’s important my dear, if you cant talk about it than you must of done this to your body for a silly reason”. and it wasn’t silly so i started talking about why i cut up my body and i realized when i got asked this question again, i didn’t feel weak when i explained. “i was depressed and when i was younger this was my soothing i didn’t know any better.”

Don’t be ashamed if your if your mental health isn’t in the greatest shape right now, things can change if you really really really really try

people think, having the perfect body is going to change the world when your body doesn’t leave this earth. take care of your body and restore your balance. that doesn’t mean to work your body to exhaustion to gain that sexy butt and perfect waist. Eat healthy, go for walks and travel the world and get happy!

thank you for reading.



ps i didnt have time to edit but i will as soon as i can!

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  1. Love you sherisse
    There is a reason for everything
    Think of all the people you are helping by sharing your struggles

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